24K Jade Dragon Lore Karambit 2.0
24K Jade Dragon Lore Karambit 2.0
24K Jade Dragon Lore Karambit 2.0

24K Jade Dragon Lore Karambit 2.0

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Limited Edition Notice

This is a short run of a limited edition version of the 24K Dragon Lore Karambit 2.0.

The 24K Jade Dragon Lore Karambit 2.0 features a rich green handle as opposed to the standard black.

At the moment there are only 400 in the world, and we do not currently have plans to make more.

Are you worthy?

This pristine blade has made it's presence known and one thing is clear.

Only the lucky few are deserving of it.

With a mirror-like plating of the finest 24 karat gold, a skillfully sharpened edge, and the iconic Dragon Lore pattern, this blade presents a spectacle that you'll never forget.

Graduation, your first kiss, the birth of your child, and the first time you held this bad-ass blade in your hands (if you're lucky); these are the things you'll remember, the things you'll tell your grandkids about.

These knives are produced in small batches with painstaking precision and care, so count yourself lucky if you actually manage to get your hands on one of these precious blades.

So I ask you again.

Are you worthy?


-Overall Length: 20.6375 cm

-Blade Length: 11.1125 cm

-Weight: 128 g

-Blade Material: Gold Plated Steel

-Handle Material: Molded Polycarbonate

-Edge: Sharp

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