Howl Huntsman Knife
Howl Huntsman Knife
Howl Huntsman Knife

Howl Huntsman Knife

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*October 18th 2019 Limited Release Notice*

At launch, there are less than 200 Howl Huntsman Knives in the world.

This blade will be released privately to Holiday VIP Subscribers first, and the general public 48 hours later if there are any left in stock.

Time left until public release:

The Howl Huntsman Is Here

What do you get when you marry a wicked blade profile with one of the most intensely bad-ass skins to ever see the light of day?
A ****ing masterpiece.
That's what.
Every Howl that's ever left our workshop has been snatched up quicker than you can blink, this one will be no different.
Get yours while you can.

Howl Huntsman Knife Specs

-Overall Length: 27.9 cm

-Blade Length: 15.2 cm

-Weight: 312 grams

-Blade Material: Steel

-Handle Material: Molded Poly-carbonate

-Edge: Sharp